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Azure High Level Overviews & Resources

Azure High Level Overviews & Resources

With the ever evolving Azure platform, it’s hard staying up to date and keeping the high-level overview of all the different services that one can use in Azure.

Sometimes you just want to have a quick overview and explain what each service means, be it to educate yourself or your client.

Coming across this issues on a weekly basis I found 3 resources that achieve to visualize all the services MS is currently providing within Azure.

  1. The Azure periodic table from concurrency is a high-level overview that enables you to quickly see which service fits in which “bucket”.


2. The interactive Azure Overview by @ricardoNiepel. This resource is my go-to option if I need to provide more information for each service. Unfortunately, it’s not as visually engaging, but it provides for more information on each service than the periodic table currently does. The interactive web page links to each Azure service and also provides a powerpoint that is useful in case you need to present on an Azure topic.



3. Lastly, MS and the Azure Poster team made a few infographics explaining the different services. Rumors are they are working on updated versions.


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