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Sapphire Announcements Review – May 2017

With the recent announcements and Saphire 2017, it’s clear that Microsoft has heavily invested in its cloud platform to support the needs of current and future SAP HANA workloads.

Here a Snapshot of the biggest announcements from last week:

  1. New Azure VM Series (M-series) to support SAP Hana workloads of up to 3.5 TB.
  2. Azure Large Instances for SAP HANA can now scale up to 20TB.
    Yes, that’s 20TB in memory will be enough for even large multinational to move their SAP landscape to Azure.
    On top of this Scale out BW instances (OLAP) are now supported up to 60TB.
  3. SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) is now preview and being tested in Azure.
    This allows applications that are using the SAP APIs to be built with native Azure support.
  4. SAP HEC on Azure has been announced with further dates about availability and preview to come
  5. Azure AD will now seamlessly integrate as authentication provider throughout the SAP landscape

These are some great announcements that will make SAP on Azure a real solution for many companies.

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